National Circus Project

Why run away to join the circus when the SCA brings the circus to you?

The National Circus Project visits Glenwood Landing School each year providing a week-long student-circus residency.

During regularly scheduled PE classes, each grade level learns circus skills that are individualized, self-motivating, non-competitive forms of physical education and recreation. By integrating these skills with physical education, a more holistic approach may be taken to both physical education and the cultural arts.

For those students who are eager to perform their newly acquired circus skills at home, the SCA sells the Tools of the Trade: juggling balls, spinning plates, diablo sticks, flower sticks, and more!

At the end of Circus Week, all students gather for a school assembly featuring our 5th grade performers! A repeat evening performance is also scheduled for parents, friends and classmates, where audience members may buy light-up toys which add to the carnival-like atmosphere. DVDs of the evening production are also available for purchase through the SCA.

Year after year, the SCA proudly brings The National Circus Project to Glenwood Landing; a fun and unforgettable week!