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The SCA Membership includes:

Parents, family, & community members, and teachers and faculty of Glenwood Landing students who pay annual membership dues to the SCA.

By joining the Glenwood Landing SCA you help provide additional resources to GWL student education, support fun learning activities and make possible exciting educational programs and community-building and/or fun projects.

Now there are 2 easy ways to join!
  1. Fill out the membership form below and return to the SCA Box (cash and checks accepted)
  2. Or for your convenience, you may now join online and pay by credit card or PayPal:

Making A Direct Donation:

The SCA finances its budget through fundraising and membership dues, but sometimes it's not enough.
Did you know that some of our events would not even take place without donations above and beyond our normal fundraising?  If you would like to help support and fund a special event by making a donation directly to the SCA please contact one of our Co-Presidents or Treasurer
For your convenience, you may also pay online by CREDIT CARD or PayPal.  

Glenwood Landing SCA,
Aug 14, 2017, 8:36 AM